My Garage

West Gallery, SM Megamall
February 9 to 21, 2006

Pete Jimenez, who has always found time to go hunting for junk steel in junk shops and mold them into pieces of fine art, lets us in on what it is like to be right where his workshop is in My Garage, his newest one-man exhibit at the West Gallery, SM Megamall. My Garage formally opens on February 9 and will run until February 21.

Big HeartThe featured works are among those Jimenez has been working on spontaneously these past few months. Bringing them all together at the gallery is a completely different ballgame for Jimenez. He lets other people do the final installations or curate his works. “As far as I am concerned, I have done my job already, and I always request somebody else to do it for me.”

Jimenez’s explanation is simple: “I’ve been so close and personal with my works during the long hours of working through these pieces, and it’s about time that they are seen and viewed from a different perspective or through the lens of a different eye. I always give whoever curates my works a free hand. They can take out some pieces or they can add more pieces. It’s their call. And with this approach, the curator’s work becomes a part of the total impact of the show for the viewing public.”

Typhoon Belt

Indeed, fellow artist and longtime college friend, Nilo Ilarde, chose Jimenez’s tall yet slim steel works as the main attraction in My Garage. “He told me that the pieces look like different people with different personalities, characters, and attitudes.” Viewers will get the chance to see them better and perhaps get a more accurate impression as they enter the gallery.

While the steel discards may easily give Jimenez an idea as to how they will look after some welding, Jimenez also picks up ideas from movies, magazine articles, books, and advertising to which he is very much exposed on the job. He adds, “As much as possible, I don’t want to ‘violate’ their natural shapes and sizes as I first saw them in the junk shops. So, most of the time, I just weld together several materials to come up with one piece. This is the beauty of welded steel or direct sculpture. It is very similar to doing collages.”

Jackie OTo Jimenez, working on steel remains a continuing challenge, even as My Garage is already his 8th one-man show. “Before, whenever I expose my works to the various elements to get the right texture and the effect of rust on these pieces, I could easily determine when it is already time to apply finishing coats of varnish. Now I’m learning that the different effects of the exposure to the elements are also dictated by the time or the month of the year in which I worked on those pieces. I am still awed and amazed…to see the results as very natural.”

Pete Jimenez took up visual communications at the UP College of Fine Arts and is currently the general manager of Optima Digital.

The Artist

West Gallery is at the 4/L Building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, call 634-1284.

Early Bird

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